Lazy Weekend Outfits: Day Eighteen and Nineteen

Whew! Nearly done the month. The hardest part isn’t wearing the items I made, it’s writing witty and insightful things about the outfits I wore. What can I write about this one that hasn’t been said already?

What I’m Wearing, Day 18:

  • Self-Stitched Skirt: Beignet by Colette Patterns, in wool with bemberg lining
  • T-shirt: Forever21, purchased last year for a whole six dollars. Isn’t that crazy how cheap you can buy clothing sometimes?
  • Denim jacket: Old Navy, same as in this outfit.

See this skirt in more outfits here, here and here!

On Day 18 I went to volunteer again at Dress for Success, hence the cute-but-comfy simple outfit. I can’t wear jeans, and I’m supposed to dress business casual which is hard for me because at my office, anything goes! It was pouring rain when I left the house so I took a quick indoor shot.

What I’m Wearing, Day 19:

  • Self-Stitched Jacket: Thrifted leather jacket, replaced the zipper and lining back in May
  • Jeans: Gap, which I never wear because they leave blue smudges on everything
  • Sweater: Gap, the same as this one but in red
  • Boots: Nine West. I realize they look stumpy with jeans and much better on their own so you can see the cool motorcycle-style buckles! I just threw them on to go across the street and wanted something flat I could wear with socks. They need a little polishing, too! Funny the things you notice in photos that you ignore in real life…

Learn how to fix up a leather jacket: click here to learn how to replace a metal zipper, or click here to see how to replace the lining!

Another rainy day! This outfit I only wore to get coffee with Mr Sewaholic before he left to watch football.. then I spent the rest of the day sewing in my underwear! (Too much information? Well, it’s true!)

Looking back, I feel a bit square in this one. I look better when my waist is more defined! And I prefer the look of myself in skirts 100 times more than in jeans, no thighs to contend with in skirts! The more I sew the less I reach for jeans as the ‘safe outfit’ – and I feel like my look is very average today. I am a skirts and florals and bright colours girl – today you can’t even tell!

Do you always dress the way you want the world to see you? If today was the outfit you were stuck in for the rest of your life, would you be pleased with your choice? This day, or this day, or this day – absolutely! Today, not so much. I’m going to strive for better outfits every day, even when I’m only going across the street. You never know what could happen in a day!

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12 Responses to Lazy Weekend Outfits: Day Eighteen and Nineteen

  1. yourstrulydear September 20, 2010 at 6:54 am #

    you are so cute! i love the skirt, and you always look so put together :]

  2. TanitIsis September 20, 2010 at 7:18 am #

    I would like to have a wardrobe where every outfit is fabulous, but so far I have never achieved that—I can manage awesome a couple of days a week, but always seem to need to fall back on the boring. Sewing is starting to help with this, though. I think the trick is to have nothing but awesome pieces in your wardrobe—at least, this is what I’ve observed from the truly awesome fashionistas of my acquaintance. Hopefully with a few more months of self-stitching I’ll be able to purge the last of the “boring but practical” pieces and wear nothing but awesome.


    sorry for my abuse of the word awesome, there.

  3. Celkalee September 20, 2010 at 8:18 am #

    I think you are doing an awesome job posting this SSS. I have learned a few special things about wardrobes in general. And a few others from a Vogue series of patterns published in the home catalog. First, generalizations. I feel most happy with my wardrobe when I build from two basic colors per season. I mostly define season as warm weather and cool weather. I can add and subtract from there. This warm season was navy and off- whites. This fall season is black (of course) but my “colors” are brown and navy. This permits me to extend the use of the navy pieces from summer. Cool weather permits me to layer other pieces of color. For some reason this year I am drawn to lavenders and aubergine. They mix well with the other pieces I guess. The browns are a little trickier for me but herringbone and tweeds with brown always seem to work. My problem is an allergy to most wools. I have some glorious alpaca to knit up but anything with traditional wools require careful linings and interlinings on pieces that touch skin. For example, I plan to make a coat from a lovely black/off-white herringbone that has been in my stash for a while. However, the collar will need to be velvet (chesterfield style) because I can’t have the collar touch my neck. I’m sorry didn’t mean to go on…thinking out loud! About the Vogue series, it ran for a full year using the basics approach with color and pattern added for variety. These were the awesome pieces, they were full of detail construction and beautiful fabrics.
    Please keep up the great work, you inspire.

  4. Zena September 20, 2010 at 9:27 am #

    I find that the way I usually dress generally doesn’t match how I feel about myself, which, I suppose, is a result of what’s available in the stores and what fits. As I’ve recently resolved to sew more of my own clothes, I’ve also been giving some thought to my style and how I can make my wardrobe reflect that better. Good timing too, since my wardrobe is quite sparse at the moment!

  5. CGCouture September 20, 2010 at 9:59 am #

    I’m with Zena, I’m in a bit of a style transition myself and my wardrobe is pathetically small. My biggest problem is that what I want to wear and what looks good on me seem to be at odds with each other…probably because I’m not comfortable with the current composition of my body.

  6. Celkalee September 20, 2010 at 10:47 am #

    Well, it is no wonder I am so far behind today but I had to pop in and comment. Dear Zena and CGcouture, None of us ever seem to have the great body we Deserve! If we wait for it to become that before we start to dress and build our wardrobes, we would all be naked. If you are post-partum or otherwise a work in progress, that is OK, but self-esteem suffers if what you have right now is not dressed to please…You. So, think about how you can work with what you have. Look at that gorgeous face, those beautiful eyes…don’t they deserve to shine now? Of course they do. Women, fashion. self-esteem and body image are complicated but you probably already know what looks good on you, sewing provides the opportunity to get what you need. OK, back to work now.

  7. Jessica September 20, 2010 at 11:29 am #

    Oh, I totally know what you mean about wearing jeans less and less, and skirts more and more, as you build up a handmade wardrobe – I’ve been going through that transition myself! There’s so much fun you can have with dresses and skirts. And it’s really nice when you can pull on a handmade skirt/blouse/dress … and even though you’re not ‘trying’ too hard, still look heads and shoulders over a ‘default’ RTW outfit :-).

  8. indigorchid September 20, 2010 at 1:16 pm #

    I absolutely dress as I feel! Usually, if I feel like hiding away, or I’m having not such a good day, the outfits are terribly blah, and does nothing to help how I’m feeling.

    A couple of thoughts on SSS so far:
    – Last week I was craving a comfortable/cozy outfit, but because of SSS I ended up putting more effort into the outfit, and I wore something comfy that still felt more pulled together than my normal cozy-outfits (, second picture)
    – I’ve been making an effort to wear all the self-stitched things I have available, at least one time each this month. And… realizing that even though I made it, doen’t automatically make it my (current) style.
    – It is so interesting to have picture proof of outfits – and the pondering that goes along with it, regarding what sorts of outfits work, and what doesn’t. SSS has been/is a good experience to fine-tune my preferred style, and encouraging myself to make effort in how I put together outfits.

    Oh, I think there is so much one could say about the choices we make when we get dressed (and thankfully, on many blogs that discussion is alive and kicking)!

  9. Funnygrrl September 20, 2010 at 4:47 pm #

    My effort in dressing drastically improved when I gave myself permission to invest in great items even though I didn’t have the body I thought I had to have. Not that I don’t have moments but by reading and noticing well-dressed women of all sizes I said “I deserve it!”. It comes down to confidence. (and shoes) :)

  10. The Cupcake Goddess September 20, 2010 at 5:33 pm #

    The points you bring up at the end are interesting and now that September is nearly over, I feel that my wardrobe is lacking in the casual genre. Lacking in that my outfits for weekend wear are really boring and sort of only so so. And I feel only so so in them. I also don’t really love the way I look in jeans. I have but one pair that really fits OK and even they are that fabulous. I want to beef up my wardrobe in this department this year I think, creating comfortable but stylish pieces for weekend wear rather than just always resorting to pjs.

  11. Tasia September 20, 2010 at 7:45 pm #

    Wonderful thoughts everyone! I didn’t mean to spark this kind of discussion but I am really enjoying all of your insightful comments on what you wear and the image you project. Very interesting :)


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