Harwood & Nicola in French, Spanish and Dutch, Plus Other Pattern Updates

We’ve updated our store with free, downloadable instructions for our Harwood and Nicola patterns in French and Spanish!

harwood dress by sewaholic patterns

Harwood and Nicola both have free downloadable instructions in Dutch also! Download them here:


Vestido Nicola: Instrucciones en español

Vestido Harwood: Instrucciones en español


Robe Nicola: Instructions en français

Robe Harwood: Instructions en français


Nicola Jurk: Instructies in het Nederlands

Harwood Jurk: Instructies in het Nederlands

Why Dutch? On holidays I met up with a whole group of women who sew in Antwerp. It was exciting to see a strong sewing community in Belgium! We got to talking, and Lieke and Anneke suggested they translate our patterns into Dutch! What’s great about this (and all of our translations, in fact) is that they’re translated by people who sew. I’d love to hear if you’re interested in seeing more of our patterns translated in Dutch, and if so, which ones!

We’ve also updated three of our most popular patterns to include downloadable French translations: Cambie, Renfrew and Thurlow. Download them here:

Pantalon Thurlow: Instructions en français

Haut Renfrew: Instructions en français

Robe Cambie: Instructions en français

It’s cool for me as I’m learning the words for clothing and sewing terms in different languages. A random side benefit of offering translations!

Other Updates:

  • We’re starting to run low on Belcarra Blouse and Minoru Jacket patterns in paper format. Once they’re gone these styles will be available in PDF format only.
  • Tape measures are low in stock and once they’re gone, they’re gone! They were a fun thing to make but we won’t be reordering, so if you want your own Sewaholic branded pink tape measure, get one now!

tape measure carousel

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2 Responses to Harwood & Nicola in French, Spanish and Dutch, Plus Other Pattern Updates

  1. Hilde July 15, 2015 at 7:43 am #

    Wat leuk! I will definitely be using the Dutch translations! (Not that the English ones aren’t clear or anything, but reading stuff in your mother tongue is always easier!)

  2. Annette July 15, 2015 at 10:57 am #

    I agree and English is my native tongue. so….! but great work! And thank you, or should I say, Merci!