Get a Sneak Peek of Your Pattern

Have you ever wished you could see what a pattern would look like sewn up FOR REAL? Not a lovely sketch of what it should look like, or a photo of a 7-foot model wearing the finished product, but how it would look on a real person?

Check out – a site where members post actual photos and reviews of commercial patterns.

I stumbled upon this site while researching for my blog. See, I knew it would be a fantastic way to find new sewing-related things! Click on the review gallery to search by pattern number, category, or company.

Reviews discuss whether it looked like the illustration or model photo, how easy the instructions were to follow, likes and dislikes, and whether you would make it again. I think that’s the critical question right there – was the end result worth the work it took to get there?

It’s a great tool to help you see if a pattern is right for you, and to find out how it looks in sizes other than model-size. Plus, it’s a cool source of inspiration to check out other people’s fabric and colour choices. And if you liked the pattern you can click directly through to buying it, no need to write it down or remember the number!

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