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Tips on Sewing with Silk

For my Party Dress, I chose a lovely silk dupioni in a rich teal colour. I sew a lot with cotton, rayon and wool, but silk is one of those very special fabrics that I am often afraid to cut and sew with! Love buying it and love wearing it though! I thought I’d share […]

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A Sunday Morning Sewing Tip

Well, if you’re wondering what happened after yesterday’s dress update, I finished it!! Yay, I can make a dress in two days! My absolute favourite part is the lace-trimmed lining. It’s so much fun! I’ll share photos from the party and of the dress in action soon. And, I’ll answer all of your questions from […]

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Make your own reusable fabric napkins!

And now, for something completely different – owl-print fabric napkins! I keep calling them ‘Hootlet’ napkins, after the Hootsuite owl. (Anyone else think the Hootsuite owl is incredibly cute?) Remember this fabric from last week’s trip to Spool of Thread? I made these napkins up yesterday and I’m pretty pleased with them. Ok, saying ‘napkins’ […]

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A very quick post and a sewing tip!

Hello everyone!  Today’s post is short and sweet. While there are lots of exciting things happening, keeping me busy, I couldn’t leave you with radio silence! So here’s an easy, helpful tip. Do you often end up with lots of nearly-empty thread spools from all your leftover projects? (I know I do!) Save them, and […]

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A Hand-Picked Zipper: Progress on the Picnic Dress

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m going to show you how I hand-picking a zipper, on my Picnic Dress. I used a combination of Gertie’s tutorial and my own experience, since I’ve handpicked a few zippers earlier this year. If you’re just joining us now, here are links to the first few posts on this dress: […]

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