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Bound Buttonholes: My Favourite Method

Today’s topic: bound buttonholes! If you’re doing regular buttonholes, they’re often the last thing you do on your garment.  But if you’re doing bound buttonholes, they’re usually one of the first steps! They’re one of the first steps in sewing the O Dress, so that’s what I’m working on. Let me show you my favourite […]

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How to Sew On a Button

Using the Tartan Plaid Cape as an example, let me show you how to sew on a button! It’s the ‘joke’ task, when people talk about not knowing how to sew, they say they can’t even sew on a button. It’s amazing that people will throw out perfectly good suits, coats, and trousers, all because […]

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Pressing Darts in Thick Coating Fabric

Thanks for all the awesome words of encouragement yesterday! It sure felt good to read all of your thoughtful comments when I came home from my first day of classes. I can’t believe I have homework already! It’s all very exciting stuff, and it’s shaping up to be a wonderful learning experience. This is a […]

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