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Sewing a Butted (or Abutted) Seam

Hey everyone! Today I’ll show you how to sew an Abutted (or Butted) seam in cotton batting. Why? Well, it’s a great way to sew flat seams in very thick or stiff fabrics, such as cotton batting! I’ve never sewn this type of seam before, even though I always knew it existed. To be honest […]

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How to Eliminate a Slash Front Pocket

Not everyone likes pockets. Surprising, I know! I love pockets personally, but there are some instances where you might not want them in your sewing projects. If you’re using a very lightweight fabric, you might not want pockets in your garments, so you aren’t tempted to put heavy things in them and ruin your garment. […]

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Inserting Lace into Seams

Remember my Common Thread project on the Sew Weekly? Today’s post is on how to insert lace into seams, just like I did on my ‘Summer in the City’ dress. It seems simple, and it is, but I did figure out some tips that might help if you wanted to re-create the same look on […]

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