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Neck and Neck: A Shirt Update

So much for super-productivity yesterday! I spent most of Friday and Saturday hunched over my computer, my sewing machine, the ironing board, a table full of pattern envelopes to stuff… and by Sunday afternoon my neck was seriously sore. Blogging and sewing can be hazardous to your health! I like to think I’m some sort […]

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Fitting a Men’s Dress Shirt

The party’s over, and the party dress was a smashing success. Back to the men’s shirt project! In the last couple of days, I finished off the men’s shirt muslin. I sweet-talked Mr Sewaholic into holding still long enough to fit the muslin, and even got him to model for us! Before we get into […]

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Can I make a Party Dress in Two Days?

It’s Mr Sewaholic’s office Christmas Party tomorrow! And I realized earlier this week that I had absolutely nothing to wear. Now I know what you’re thinking – I’ve made lots of dresses this year, surely that can’t be true? Yes, I’ve made lots of summery dresses, but nothing winter-party appropriate. And the one purchased dress […]

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Muslin-ing a Man’s Shirt: Part Two

I’ve made progress on the muslin for Mr Sewaholic’s shirt! We’re getting really close to the fitting stage. I thought I’d share how to sew up a muslin to check the fit, without spending a lot of time on the finishing details. I’ll show you which steps I skipped and how it all came together. […]

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