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Would You Interface a Coat Belt?

After cutting out all of the coating pieces, suddenly the whole project seemed a bit massive and daunting. Does that ever happen to you? All of a sudden it seems like a lot of work to put the whole thing together. When that happens, I have the urge to make one of the easy parts […]

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Wrap Coat: Fabulous Even in Muslin!

Yay! The Seventies Wrap Coat is done in muslin, and it’s just as fabulous as I hoped it would be. Don’t let the strange facial expressions in today’s photos confuse you, I love this coat! One of the easiest ways to tell if you’re going to like the finished garment is to see how you […]

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Coat Progress, Barely

Hey, everyone! Happy Monday! What, it’s not Monday? I’m kidding, I know what day it is. Did you miss me yesterday? Sorry I didn’t get a post up! It was a busy weekend here at Sewaholic Patterns headquarters and while I didn’t run out of time, I ran out of energy. Hard to believe, I […]

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