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Pendrell Sew-Along #7: Cutting Your Fabric

Today, we’re going to cut our fabric! I’ll be cutting View A in a teal polyester print, and View B in a cream silk satin. For today’s demo, I’m cutting the teal polyester print in the draped sleeve version. I’m thinking I will just show you how to cut once, instead of showing you the […]

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Pendrell Sew-Along #5: Altering The Hip and Waist

Today, I’ll show you how to narrow the hip width on the Pendrell Blouse. It’s ironic, don’t you think, that I’m showing you how to un-pear-shape the blouse? That’s the great thing about sewing – you can adjust anything to fit your body no matter what your shape! What we’ll be doing today is the […]

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Pendrell Sew-Along #4: Shortening the Blouse Length

Pendrell Sew-Along, day four! Are you dying to get started sewing already? Don’t worry, just a few more posts on pattern adjustments, and we’ll be cutting in no time. Just joining us? Here are links to the first three Sew-Along posts: Pendrell Sew-Along: Supply List, Schedule & Sew-Along Badge Pendrell Sew-Along #2: Prewashing your Fabric […]

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Pendrell Sew-Along #2: Prewashing your Fabric

Welcome to the Pendrell Sew-Along, Day 2! If you’re just joining us, here’s a link to the first sew-along post: January 10th: Pendrell Sew-Along: Supply List, Schedule & Sew-Along Badge Before we cut, let’s talk about pre-washing your fabric. Pre-washing is basically washing your fabric before you start sewing. That’s all there is to it! […]

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