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The Very First Minoru Muslin

You asked for a bit of guidance on making a muslin of the Minoru Jacket, and today’s post is exactly that! I still have the very first muslin I made of the Minoru Jacket, and thought I would use it for demonstrating today. Today I’ll talk about our goals when making a muslin, tips for […]

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Update: Minoru Sew-Along Starts on Monday!

Hey everyone! By now you may know about the Minoru Sew-Along that’s starting on Monday. I’ve been doing my best to answer questions as they arise, as there sure have been a lot of questions! It’s exciting that so many people are joining the sew-along although I have a feeling it’s going to be hard […]

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Sew-Along Speed: How Fast Do You Want to Go?

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a good week for me. My next pattern is in the works, I was a guest speaker at an exciting event yesterday (more to come on that!), and my office is freshly re-organized. I love the feeling of winding down the year, tying up loose ends, and getting ready for […]

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Tailoring a Coat: Making a Back Stay

Another baby step of progress on the Seventies Wrap Coat project! Here is the first tailoring technique I’ve applied to my Wrap Coat. We’re adding a back stay to support and stabilize the back of our coat. This will prevent strain across the shoulders as well. And I’m guessing it will also keep loosely woven […]

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