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Crescent Sew-Along #12: Sewing Slash Pockets

Hi everyone! Today, we’re going to start sewing! The first step is to sew the pockets in our Crescent Skirts. These type of pockets are called slash pockets. I love this type of pocket construction! It’s simple, it’s easy to get good results, and it makes a comfortable pocket. Plus, it’s easy to make them […]

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Crescent Sew-Along #10: A Pre-Sewing Checklist

Hi Sew-Alongers! How’s everything going? Are your patterns all adjusted and ready to cut out? Have you cut out your fabric yet? Do you have all your fabric and supplies ready to go? In the next Sew-Along post, we’ll start sewing! It’s time to finish fitting the muslin, make the changes to the pattern pieces, […]

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Crescent Sew-Along #9: Fitting the Muslin

Hey everyone! I was hoping to get this post up Monday afternoon but it took longer than expected. Better late than never! Let’s get that muslin fitted and make our changes, so we can get to the good part – sewing our real skirts! Here’s the rundown of previous Sew-Along posts for reference: Crescent Sew-Along […]

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Crescent Sew-Along #8: Grading It Up

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Today’s Sew-Along step is courtesy of the lovely Patty in Minnesota, who blogs at The Snug Bug! Patty’s put together a very detailed explanation of how she graded up the Crescent Skirt. In the case that your measurements are not on the size chart, and […]

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