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Also introducing the Belcarra Blouse!

Many of you noticed the pullover blouse in yesterday’s post about the Gabriola Skirt. I’m excited to announce that it’s coming soon as a pattern, the Belcarra Blouse! I designed this simple top specifically for the Gabriola Skirt. I wanted to be able to answer the question: what top do you wear with a maxi […]

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Introducing the next pattern… the Gabriola Skirt!

I’m excited to introduce the next pattern from Sewaholic Patterns today… the Gabriola Skirt! The Gabriola Skirt is a flared maxi skirt that sits at the waist and falls to the floor. Many maxi skirts are shaped like a tube, straight up and down with no curves, but not this pattern. It’s flared to create […]

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Speaking of Owls…

I made an Owls Sweater, how about Owl pants? I wanted to share these adorable pj pants made by Melissa at The Linden Tree! It’s the Tofino Pants pattern, sewn in an adorable snowy owl print fabric. The print is called SnOwls – snow owls! It’s really cute. Perfect for pyjama pants! The fabric is […]

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Skinny Thurlow Trousers!

Hi everyone! I have a fun pattern modification to share with you today! A while back I saw Lauren‘s red skinny thurlow trousers and I really loved the way they came out. I have made a ton of Thurlow shorts but I had not yet made a full length pair because the flare leg is […]

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What’s On Your Sewing Pattern Wishlist?

Hey everyone! I’ve started to get a few requests for pattern designs, and I thought I’d open it up to everyone. What do you wish there was a sewing pattern for? What do us pear-shaped women need a pattern for, that isn’t out there yet? Here are some of the requests so far – in […]

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