New vintage pattern – Advance Shirtdress

This adorable shirtdress pattern is my most recent vintage pattern purchase. I love the blazer-style notch collar, especially done in the contrast fabric!

I bought it online at RustyZipper – a site that sells both vintage clothing and vintage sewing patterns.

This dress just has to be done in a plaid fabric to start, to take advantage of the bias skirt where the plaid stripes meet along the centre seam. That’s a lot of plaid to match though, which equals a lot of pinning, basting, and testing to make sure it matches perfectly. Maybe a stripe instead..

The instructions inside are so cute too. Here’s what it says inside:

When you follow in this order and consult your dressmaking steps as you go along, you will complete your garment with ease, to fit right, to look right, and be admired by all.’

Gosh, who doesn’t want to be admired by all in a dress that fits right? Sign me up.

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4 Responses to New vintage pattern – Advance Shirtdress

  1. The Cupcake Goddess April 5, 2010 at 9:22 am #

    Oh I absolutely love vintage pattern instructions! This is going to be such a lovely dress! I would love to see it done up in a plaid, also giving us some pointers on matching the plaids. I haven’t done that in a very long time. Haven’t done stripes in a long time either.

  2. Tasia April 5, 2010 at 9:59 pm #

    Matching plaids and stripes can be tedious, but well worth the effort! Plus, it would drive me crazy to look down at my seams and see un-matched stripes. I’ll definitely give tips and pointers on stripe matching when I get started, thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Ihor Pona April 6, 2010 at 6:20 pm #

    I always admire you.
    – your dad

  4. jadestar December 15, 2010 at 7:03 am #

    Ooh, what a lovely pattern. The darts are gorgeous, and I love full skirts!