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Fun-Sewing Friday

A couple of months ago, I tried to start something called ‘Fun-Sewing Friday.’ Terrible name, I know! The goal of ‘Fun-Sewing Friday’ was that one day a week, I would focus on sewing something fun. By fun I meant something I wanted to make for enjoyment, or for my own wardrobe, but nothing work-related. In […]

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Speaking of socks…

Speaking of socks yesterday, here is what I’m working on right now… Knee socks! Yes, I’m knitting over-the-knee socks. I started these on December 1st and this is where I am at. The ribbing at the top of the socks is twelve inches of 1×1 ribbing. (In the photo, that’s about five inches of ribbing […]

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Laura Mae’s Hollyburn Skirt

Here’s a lovely version of the Hollyburn skirt, by pattern tester and blogger Laura Mae! (You may remember her Cambie Dress featured on the blog last year.) Look at how it flares! Isn’t that lovely? I really like the subtlety of the dot print fabric. Here’s a link to her project post for even more […]

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Hollyburn Sew-Along with Rachel from My Messings!

Happy Friday, everyone! Would you like to join a sew-along for the new Hollyburn Skirt? Now’s the perfect time! Rachel from My Messings is going to host a sew-along on her blog! Meet Rachel, and her lovely Hollyburn Skirt: Rachel was a pattern tester for the skirt pattern, and she enjoyed it so much she’s […]

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What’s Next?

What’s coming up next around here? Plenty of exciting things! Never a dull moment here at Sewaholic Patterns home base. I worked most of the holidays but did take a few days off to rest and relax, get outside in the fresh air, and enjoy time with family and friends. It was nice to have […]

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