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Behind the Scenes, January 2013

Hey everyone! After talk about what you like best about sewing blogs, several of you commented that you’d like to hear more about what happens behind the scenes here. So here we go! Here’s a little bit about what happened here in the month of January. Hello, everyone! Behind the scenes, I sit here at […]

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An Alternative to Tracing Patterns: Photocopy!

This might seem a bit random but I thought I’d share an alternative to tracing vintage patterns! (Remember this post on tracing vintage patterns to preserve the originals?) I know that it’s a good thing to do in theory, but in practice I usually just want to sew already! I came across these photos from […]

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Sewing Stripes: What Colour Thread?

Hey, everyone! Finally, I’ve picked up the pieces of my Striped Renfrew Top and started to sew. And yet before I even started sewing, I thought of something to write about! When you’re sewing a striped fabric, especially one with a strong contrast between the colours, what colour thread do you use? For this taupe […]

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