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Sewing the Lining into the Cambie Dress

Today, I’ll demonstrate how to sew the lining into the Cambie Dress. This part of the sewing instructions makes a lot more sense when you’re actually doing it yourself. The next best thing? Watching someone else do it first! So I’ll do it and show you how it’s done, with plenty of pictures and explanations. […]

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Laura Mae’s Cambie Dress

I’m a big fan of Laura Mae’s sewing projects. Have you seen her gorgeous vintage creations? This one is my favourite – so much work! So I was really excited to have her as a pattern tester for the Cambie Dress. I was looking forward to see what she made, and here it is! See […]

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Doortje’s Cambie Dress

Eyelet is the perfect summertime fabric, don’t you think? It’s lightweight, it’s soft and cottony, and it’s full of holes! Doortje’s lovely Cambie dress is perfect for summer, then! I quite like this photo, too. It shows off the dress while looking natural, like she’s daydreaming on vacation. I love my bright prints and bold […]

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Sewing Inseam Pockets

Today I’m demonstrating how to sew inseam pockets. Inseam pockets are sewn in the skirt of the Cambie Dress for View B, the full skirted version. They’re fast and easy to sew, and nearly invisible once the skirt is all gathered up! You could use the Cambie pocket pattern piece to add inseam pockets on […]

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Cambie Dress Patterns: Now In Stock!

Happy Monday, everyone! Great news, the Cambie Dress pattern is now in stock! The pre-sale went extremely well. Last time I felt like I’d never packed, labelled and shipped so many orders, and yet I think we set a new record this time around. Orders just kept on coming! I’m happy to report that with […]

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