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Striped Mitts

The other day we talked about sewing stripes – how about knitted stripes? These striped mitts are a pair, but they’re not exactly the same. Does that bother you? Normally, I like my pairs to match. I don’t usually choose asymmetric designs, I like balance and order. However, these mitts were just too cute! And […]

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Three Tips for Sewing Stripes

I have another tip post for you guys today! Love sewing stripes? Thinking of sewing up the Renfrew Top pattern in a striped knit? Here are a few little tips that will help make stripe-sewing easier! If you missed Monday’s post with A Big List of Tips for Sewing Knits! – here’s the link again. […]

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A Big List of Tips for Sewing Knits!

Hey, everyone! Happy Monday! I’ve been asked for tips on sewing knit fabrics, to help with sewing up the Renfrew Top pattern. So I’ve compiled a whole bunch of links, tutorials and tips that might help you! Tips for Sewing Knits: Conquering Knits: A Self-HelpĀ Guide Lauren from Lladybird’s no-nonsense guide to sewing with knit fabrics, […]

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