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Introducing the next pattern…the Renfrew Top!

I’m excited to interrupt the Minoru Sew-Along to introduce the latest pattern from Sewaholic Patterns… the Renfrew Top! The Renfrew Top is the perfect basic tee. Great for layering, it fits perfectly under the Minoru Jacket. Cosy and comfortable for wearing on the weekend! This is the knit top pattern for people who dislike sewing […]

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Minoru Sew-Along #4: Sewing the Hood

Hey everyone! If you’re making View B, the hood-less jacket, you get the day off today! Today’s sew-along post is all about constructing the hood. Those of us who are making the hooded jacket will sew the hood, hem it and just like that our hoods will be ready to attach to our jackets. I’ll […]

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How to Make Your Own Piping

I saw this post called ‘How I Make Piping’ on Vicki Kate’s blog, VickikateMakes and instantly thought “Hey, maybe the rest of you Sew-alongers would be interested in making your own piping too!’ Click the image or click here to see how she’s made the piping for her Minoru Jacket. You can buy piping in […]

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Minoru Sew-Along #3: Gathering!

Hello, Sew-Alongers and those watching from the bleachers! How are you all doing? Who’s all caught up? Who’s waiting until the weekend to sew like a madwoman and catch up? Today’s sewing step is quite easy. All we’re going to do is gather the neckline, in preparation for sewing it to the collar. You’ll be […]

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What is Triple Stitch?

Vicki asked “What is a Triple Stitch” so I thought I’d show you guys, rather than try and explain it! Your sewing machine may or may not have this stitch option. It’s Option #2 on my machine out of its seventy-five settings, which makes me think it’s fairly common on newer machines. It’s also known […]

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Minoru Sew-Along #2: Sewing Sleeves and Topstitching Tips

Today, we get to sew! If you’ve finished cutting and marking your fabric, you’re ready for today’s set of sewing steps! We will sew our jacket front and back to our sleeves, and we’ll topstitch these seams. Easy, right? The Minoru Jacket features raglan sleeves, which are much easier to sew than classic set-in sleeves. […]

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Minoru Sew-Along #1: Let’s Get Started!

Happy Monday, everyone! And hello to all the Sew-Alongers! Are you ready to start cutting your fabric today? Excited to start sewing our Minoru Jackets? I know I am! Today we’ll cut our fabric, talk a bit about marking, and that’s about it for the day. Cutting and marking will take some time! The time […]

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