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Valerie’s Minoru Jacket

More and more Minoru Jackets are starting to appear! I’ve seen a few more pattern tester’s versions, and there are even people who’ve already made up the pattern since it was released. So exciting! I love sharing them with you guys. You never know which version is going to be the one that inspires you […]

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How Knitting Can Improve Your Sewing

Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s post is about knitting and sewing. Since learning to knit, I’ve noticed some similarities between knitting and sewing.. and many things about knitting have made me better at sewing! Do you knit and sew, and would you agree that learning one skill helps improve the other? I think so! Here’s a […]

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The Big List of Online Fabric Stores – Updated!

Hey everyone! Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my First Sweater post. It feels good to read such nice things about something I’ve made, the first actual garment I’ve knitted that can be worn on its own. (Well not completely on its own, with pants and skirts, of course.) It’s wonderful to hear […]

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My First Sweater

I’ve tried knitting all kinds of things – socks, cowls, hats. But up until now, I haven’t been able to master knitting a sweater yet! I bought lovely, lovely yarn and ended up knitting and ripping out the entire sweater twice already. I was determined to make it into a sweater (or else!) Isn’t this […]

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Fabric Recommendations for the Minoru Jacket

Today, let’s talk about fabric options for the Minoru Jacket. We’ll be looking for light to medium weight woven fabrics, but as with most patterns, we can always bend the rules a little bit! I’ll list some options that I think would work well, and mention some things to keep in mind as you select […]

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