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Sewing Daydreams

Are you curious about other people’s sewing daydreams? Mainly mine, because I don’t mind sharing my sewing-obsessed thoughts with people who understand? I find that I end up with recurring thoughts, themes and ideas that keep coming back and appearing in my mind when I drift off. Like a song that gets stuck in your […]

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A Quick Update

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! You might have noticed I didn’t get a post up on Friday – which might lead you to believe I’ve been slacking relaxing and taking it easy. I wish! I’ve been putting together all of the bits and pieces on my fourth pattern. (I can’t wait to tell you more […]

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Sunny Saffron Socks

Guess what? I knit another pair of socks! And not just regular socks – bright yellow ones! Yellow socks are so much fun. Sure, they’re not the most practical colour, but that’s what makes them so delightful. Especially during the cold and rainy winter – these socks will brighten the gloomiest day! (And not just […]

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