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Yes, yes, yes!

I have very exciting news! Last week, Mr Sewaholic asked me to marry him. And I said yes! We went out for a delicious dinner, randomly on a Tuesday night, but I didn’t suspect anything other than a wonderful mid-week treat! He was dressed up, but said he’d come straight from a business meeting. So […]

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I Wish This Existed, For Fabric

The knitting world is so organized about yarn. You can buy the same yarn, over and over. You can read reviews of other yarns, and only buy ones that suit your preferences. The same yarn is available in a rainbow of different colours. And the same rainbow of colours might even be offered in different […]

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Sewing Daydreams

Are you curious about other people’s sewing daydreams? Mainly mine, because I don’t mind sharing my sewing-obsessed thoughts with people who understand? I find that I end up with recurring thoughts, themes and ideas that keep coming back and appearing in my mind when I drift off. Like a song that gets stuck in your […]

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