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Next Up: Strictly Ballroom Dress

Remember this dress pattern? It’s a Vintage Vogue reissue from 1943, and my next sewing project! Among the Lonsdale Dresses I’m going to make this summer, I wanted a chance of pace and a challenge – and this dress was exactly what I was looking for! Since it’s looking like fall weather most days, I […]

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Technology and Sewing

Yesterday’s post about the QR codes, the barcode on the back of the pattern envelope, got me thinking about sewing and technology. Isn’t it amazing that we have technology not only to improve regular life, but to make our hobbies more fun? We can connect with other people who sew, share tips and suggestions, and […]

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How the Pattern Barcode Works

If you have a Crescent Skirt or a Pendrell Blouse pattern in your stash, you’ve probably noticed the colourful, pointy-looking barcode at the back of the pattern. Does anyone know what it’s there for? I wanted to put illustrations instead of photos on the envelope cover, so that it was easy to picture the pattern […]

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