Archive | June, 2011

Canada Post Goes Back to Work

Hey everyone! Good news for me and everyone else who ships items by mail – Canada Post is now back to work. Orders can be shipped anywhere in the world again, yay! While I don’t intend to start a debate on unions, lockouts, back-to-work legislation or anything of the sort, I did want to let […]

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Lonsdale Dress: Envelope Back and PDF

Happy Monday, everyone! Thanks for all of your comments last Friday on the new pattern, the Lonsdale Dress. It’s exciting to see so many positive comments on the dress! I totally understand that it’s not for everyone, style is such a personal matter. That’s why sewing is so wonderful – you have a multitude of […]

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Day 15: Halfway There!

Can you believe I wore tights and a scarf on June 15th! What’s the weather like where you live? These days, it’s about fifty-fifty. Half the days have been nice, the other half have been cloudy or rainy or cold. Or perhaps I’m still a little bit under the weather and it has nothing to […]

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