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Crescent Sew-Along: Let’s Do it!

Great news, the Crescent Skirt is arriving in the shop very soon! Pre-sales started last week through the mailing list, and this skirt pattern is a hot seller. Very exciting! If you’re not on the list yet, it’s not too late. The pre-sale ends tomorrow, so sign up here. (No spam, I promise. Just sales, […]

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Bound Buttonholes: My Favourite Method

Today’s topic: bound buttonholes! If you’re doing regular buttonholes, they’re often the last thing you do on your garment.  But if you’re doing bound buttonholes, they’re usually one of the first steps! They’re one of the first steps in sewing the O Dress, so that’s what I’m working on. Let me show you my favourite […]

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Phase Two, here I come!

Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone! Are you wearing green? Yesterday’s presentation went unbelievably well. I passed Phase 1 of my Self Employment program and now move on to Phase 2. Success! I was the last presentation of the day, and as soon as I started talking I immediately relaxed. The reviewers were wonderful, making me […]

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Underlining and Marking the O Dress

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a few thoughts on underlining and marking the O Dress. I’ve shared tips on underlining before, but thought I’d point out some of the things I learned while underlining this project. My main fabric is a tightly woven wool, and I’m underlining it with a cotton batiste. Remembering the purpose […]

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One Fabulous Button

Found: one fabulous button for the ‘O’ Dress! From Button Button, where else? It’s vintage glass. (So of course I’m paranoid I’ll drop it!) The textured surface reflects the blue colour, and little gold lines fill in the button texture. It looks beautiful and expensive! Which of course, it was. $5 for one button! Some […]

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Fitting Vogue 8769: The ‘O’ Dress

Here’s the muslin for my Vogue 8769 dress. I’ve nicknamed it the ‘O’ Dress after my friend who gave me the pattern. It could also mean ‘O’ for ‘Oh what a lovely dress!’ Although, you might not agree with ‘lovely’ at the muslin stage. Could it be any more conservative? Long sleeves, high neck and […]

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