Archive | December, 2010

What Not to Wear, for Pears

Today I’m talking about style rules. Do you follow the so-called ‘rules’ for your body type? Do you read magazines and take their suggestions on what to wear if you’re tall, boyish or curvy? Do you ever watch What Not To Wear? As for me, I love reading about style! I read as much as […]

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Ouch! A Sewing Injury

I’m a little embarassed to tell you what I did to myself yesterday. My day started with cupcakes and coffee for breakfast, then a little sewing – not a bad start! I was making progress on the men’s shirt project and thought I could even finish it up by the end of the day… that […]

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Tips on Cutting Striped Fabric

I bet you know exactly what striped fabric we’re talking about today! (Mr Sewaholic’s shirt fabric, of course!) Striped fabric is a little tricky to cut, but not as hard as cutting plaid fabric. If you’re dreaming of sewing plaid fabrics but worry about the cutting stage, stripes are a good way to practice your […]

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