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My First Guest Post, on Tilly’s Blog!

Exciting news today – I wrote my very first Guest Post! The lovely Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons is making a gorgeous suit with scalloped edges, that she’s calling the Betty Draper Suit. (If you click on the link, you’ll know why!) The suit pattern isn’t lined, so she asked her readers for tips […]

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Gathering an Edge Using Machine Stitches

A lot of you already know how to gather, so this post is for the beginners out there. I was about to gather the skirt for the Picnic Dress and thought – wait a moment, this is a great technique to add to the Sewtionary! So here’s how to gather using machine stitches. There are […]

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Next up: The Picnic Dress

It might not be picnic weather anymore – ok, not even close! But when it rolls around again next Spring, I have just the thing to wear. Inspired by Betty Draper’s pretty pink and white floral dress she wears to a picnic in season 2 of Mad Men, I’m making my own Picnic Dress! I’m […]

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Twin Spruce Dress: Inside Out

I had a few requests to see the inside of the Twin Spruce Dress, so here are some inside-out shots! It’s like school – ‘Show your work, Tasia!’ Although I agree, there are so many pretty projects on the internet, with beautiful photos, and sometimes I’m curious see how it all came together on the […]

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Sewing + Dictionary = Sewtionary!

Isn’t that a fun word – Sewtionary? I’ve created a page for all the tutorial and how-to posts I’ve written so far, so they’re all in one easy-to-find place! The more posts I write, the more that the older ones get buried in the archives. Especially since I wrote detailed posts on the making of […]

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