Archive | August, 2010

Announcing: Sewaholic Patterns!

Hello everyone, I am both thrilled and nervously excited to share my big announcement today! I’ve been working on something major for a while, and it’s been so hard not to say anything this whole time. So, I’m proud to announce that I’m designing my own line of sewing patterns. Introducing – Sewaholic Patterns! I’m […]

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Fabric in Boston: Winmil Fabrics and Sew-fisticated

It’s a good thing I bought fabric in Boston, or this would be a picture-less post! After losing my photographs to a tragic ‘Card Read Error,’ one of my first thoughts was that I would have no pictures for my Fabric Shopping on Vacation posts. It was almost as sad as losing all of our […]

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So what happened to the white dress you mentioned?

Remember this white dress? Probably not, as it was back in March, but I thought I’d post about this little piece of unfinished business, just to wrap up a loose end. There are many conflicted views on posting works in progress, unfinished projects, or total failure projects. On one hand, it’s nice to know we’re […]

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