Archive | July, 2010

Happy birthday, Sofia!

Some people don’t make a big deal out of their birthday, hoping it will pass without anyone noticing. Not my sister Sofia! A month before, we’ll hear reminders about her upcoming birthday, discussions about what she’d like for dinner, and of course gift requests usually involving puppies. It wouldn’t be the same if she didn’t […]

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How to match prints along seams

One of the biggest pet peeves is seeing unmatched prints, stripes and plaids on RTW (ready-to-wear) garments. It seems so lazy! Especially on higher end garments. (This shirt isn’t high-end but still! Not even the slightest effort to match the plaids..) Since I’m a production manager as my day job, I know that it costs […]

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Happy birthday Mr. Sewaholic!

Happy birthday to a wonderful man and the love of my life! Thanks for your love and support and everything you do for me… From photography to¬† technical computer assistance, allowing me to drag you to fabric stores on vacation and of course, understanding how important it is for a sewaholic to have her own […]

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