Archive | July, 2010

Going away, be back soon!

Hello wonderful readers and fans! (Can I say fans? Ok, my readers and family then!) Tomorrow I’m going on a much-needed holiday with the love of my life Mr Sewaholic, who is likely never going to be named by name now that I’ve started calling him that! And technically he’s not officially my “Mr.” yet […]

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UFO confessions

I love reading sewing blogs, because I learn something new all the time! Before blogging, I’d never heard the term UFO (Un-Finished Object) and I love it. Although, it seems UFOs are taking over in the sewing room. UFOs happen to me for three reasons: I made a mistake and don’t feel like fixing it […]

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Sewaholic hits the road!

(I like this title, I feel like the star of my own TV show, or something equally cool.) Starting July 31st… I’m going on vacation! Technically I’m not hitting the road, more like the runway and airport, and the hotel. But I’ll be taking a break from blogging, from work, from laundry, from the routine […]

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