Archive | March, 2010

Sewing for Men

To me, sewing for women is so much more fun. We wear dresses! We wear prints and bright colours and a variety of shapes and silhouettes. We become completely different women with the change of an outfit! Then, there’s men. They wear pants and shirts. And jackets, if it’s cold. Generally (and feel free to […]

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Disaster Strikes!

Disaster struck last night while I was working on my floral skirt! While happily ironing the hem and watching Sex and the City, I left the iron face-down for too long and the fabric shredded in my hands. Look – it’s so upsetting! I melted a 6-8 inch section of my hem, and it pulled […]

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Which Statement Coat do you prefer?

Haven’t had much time to sew this week, sadly! Between work and running around, my floral projects have been on hold until I get a free evening. So I’ve been daydreaming about the Statement Coat, one of the items on my Top 10 Sewing Projects for 2010 list. And even though it’s spring – and therefore summer-sandals-and-lightweight-coat season is […]

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